2016 | Trailer

The Queen of Thursdays

By Dennis Scholl & Orlando Rojas

The Queen of Thursdays

Queen of Thursdays follows ballerina Rosario Suarez from her beginnings in Havana, Cuba, her rise through the ranks, her battles to find her place in the dance world in her own country and, finally, her life in exile.

Screenings & Awards

World Premiere
Miami International Film Festival, 2017

Knight Documentary Achievement Audience Award

Dance in Camera, New York Lincoln Center

Cine Las Americas Film Festival, 2017

Saint Paul Frozen Film Festival, 2017

Tower Theater, theatrical Release, 2018

WPBT, Miami Public television

Nominated for a 2018 Suncoast Emmy, Documentary Cultural


Directed by
Orlando Rojas

Produced by
Dennis Scholl and Orlando Rojas

Story by
Dennis Scholl