2014 | 56:03

Deep City

By Marlon Johnson & Dennis Scholl

Regional Emmy Award
Arts Program

Deep City

Deep City is an inspirational story that explores the early days of soul music in South Florida, the pioneers of that era and their lasting contributions to the broader American musical landscape. During mid-1960s Miami, producers Willie Clarke and Johnny Pearsall masterminded Deep City Records. Both from the mean streets of Miami, this duo honed the business and musical skills learned in college and went on to change the face of soul music in Miami, and eventually the country by creating the first black-owned record label in Florida. Deep City is a documentary that delves into the life and times of these groundbreaking producers, their label, the unique artists they spawned and the remarkable era in which they accomplished it.

Screenings & Awards

World Premier
SXSW Film Festival
24 Beats per Second Award, Nominee

American Public Television, Syndicated Nationally
WPBT, South Florida Public Television
Regional Emmy Award, Winner, Arts Programming

Miami International Film Festival, 2014

Cinetopia Film Festival, 2014

Cinequest International Film Festival, 2014

Cleveland International Film Festival, 2014

Maryland Film Festival, 2014

Philadelphia Film Festival, 2014

Palm Beach International Film Festival, 2014

Filmgate Interactive, 2014

Florida Film Festival, 2014

Sarasota Film Festival, 2014

Gimme Some Truth, Perth, 2014


Produced and directed by
Dennis Scholl, Marlon Johnson, and Chad Tingle

Story by
Dennis Scholl

Director of Photography
Art Nobo

Associate Producer
Joseph Silva