2013 | 7:00

The Places Where We Lived

A film by Bernardo Britto, Executive Produced by Dean Marcial, Grant Curatola, Dennis Scholl

Places Where We Lived

The Places Where We Lived

This animated film definitely has at least one of these three things: boobs, people talking about 2012, a man dressed up as a watermelon. It’s not that serious, but it kind of is. It takes place in Weston and beyond.

Screenings & Awards

SXSW Film Festival, 2013

Winner, Animation Jury Award
AFI Film Festival, 2013

Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2014

Portland Film Festival, 2014

Maryland Film Festival, 2013

New Orleans Film Festival, 2013

IFP Center, 2015

Winterthur Film Festival

Little Rock Film Festival, 2013

Indie Grits Film Festival, 2013

Southside Film Festival, 2013

Port Townsend Film Festival, 2013

Sidewalk Film Festival, 2013

Chicago Film Festival, 2013

Brooklyn Film Festival, 2013


Bernardo Britto

Brett Potter, Benjamin Cohen, Lucas Leyva, James Benson

Executive producers
Dean Marcial, Grant Curatola, Dennis Scholl

Ben Sperling

The woman
Alexa Haas

The mother
Elissa Aron

The waitress
Rebecca O’Keefe

The silhouetted man
Efrén Hernández

The new yorker
Ben Cohen

The Japanese man
Koji Hosokawa

Backgrounds and additional art
Alexa Haas

Sound recording/live action cinematography
Martin Anderson

Demolition footage
Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp. Tulsa, OK